Happy Dog 101          101+1 Tips For Raising A Happy Dog

Finally, an easy-to-use and understandable guide to creating
the best relationship between you
and your beloved dog.

Happy Dog 101 offers dog owners an enjoyable and entertaining way to get the most current and helpful tips that can be put to use immediately.

•  How do I keep my dog from jumping on my guests?
•  How can I ask my dog to give me space when my family is eating dinner?
•  Under what circumstances should I not use my dog’s name?
•  How can I prevent food aggression?

All of these questions and so many more are addressed in this colorful guide to your dog’s behavior. This book also discusses how to modify your own behavior to create a new response in your dog no matter how old he is.

This is not a formal training guide. It does not explain how to train your dog to obey commands. This book of valuable insights gives brief but detailed descriptions of the best ways to help prevent and correct common behavioral problems. It will truly helpJeff and Yael to enhance your relationship with your beloved  dog. Nothing could be more valuable to you and your dog than your own  personal guide book, except, of course, your own personal dog trainer.

Jeff and Yael Morgan are the owners and directors of Howlywood Dog Behavioral and Vacation Center in Ra’anana Israel. With a formal background  in dog training, Jeff and Yael opened Howlywood in 2006 and since then have been intensely studying dog behavior in a controlled yet natural environment  that changes continuously. They’ve treated and rehabilitated some of this  magnificent species’ worst-case scenarios and have helped countless others overcome the most common behavioral problems that so many dog owners  suffer from today. Jeff and Yael are considered to be among Israel’s most elite canine behavior experts.

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